fat people are allowed to exist without your shitty approval stop acting like you care about people’s health fuck off

#HappyGohnDay | Happy Birthday, Gohn!

so hyuna wrote the lyrics for this song and tbh don’t talk bad about kim hyuna because she will come back at you and she WENT IN on this



  • House phone:*rings*
  • Me:nah
  • Debut Album Teaser | 2014 S/S Grand Launch
    Anonymous :
    So what's going on with bts's jimin and Europe?? I seeing a lot of people talk about but idk what happened??



    In Germany

    There was a set-up for the Event: V,Suga,Jin,Jungkook,Rapmon, Jimin & J-Hope. Two girls tried to “make fun” of Jimin so one of the girls kept laughing while she was High-Fiving Rapmon and then suddenly she gave Jimin a disgusting look. He was really surprised and seemed sad because of that.

    When the other girl walked up to Jimin and he tried to give her a High-Five, she pulled back her hands. In the end she actually gave him a High-Five but when she walked up J-Hope, he pulled back his hands. That’s were J-Hope gets all my respect.

    In Sweden at the High-Five Event a fan walked up to Jimin and told him,that he’s ugly and fat.

    I’m so ashamed for for some of the fans atm. -facepalms-

    HOSEOK JUST GOT +1000000000000000000000 POINTS IN MY HEART